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Simtek has evolved


SIMTEK is proud to announce the re-launch of the SIMTEK ECU range which offers unrivalled functionality at competitive prices, through a worldwide dealer network managed and distributed from its headquarters at Zi Motorsport in the UK.

Zi Motorsport is the designated Simtek installation hub, any Simtek ECU purchased from the website with installation is to be booked in with Zi Motorsport to be dyno tuned on the in house Dyno Dynamics 4wd rolling road.

New Features

  • Multiple Fuel, Ign, boost, AVCS maps
  • NOS Control
  • Limp Modes
  • Closed-loop Knock Control
  • Closed-loop Idle
  • Auto-tune
  • Traction Control
  • 8 Configurable Maps
  • 8MB Internal Data-logging
  • User Configurable Mapping Software
  • Wideband Lambda Control
  • 8 Injector outputs
  • Drive-by-wire Control

PRP/Turbo Speed/EGR control
Nos maps
Fuel injector split/blend maps
More gear modifier maps
8 calibration boost maps
and lots more updates