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Privacy Policy

Data protection

The following sections provide detailed information about Simtek (International) Limited’s use of your personal information and data. These basic security principles will be modified, if required, e.g. in case of amendments to existing laws.

General Principles

Simtek (International) Limited commits itself to protecting the privacy of all consumers utilizing our guarantee, and to handle their personal data in a strictly confidential manner. Our staff members are regularly sworn to uphold data secrecy. The main principles of Simtek (International) Limited’s privacy policy are based on the relevant laws in force, such as the UK Data Protection Act.
What kind of data is stored and processed while visiting the website?
You can visit our website without having to reveal any personal Data. We solely store your name, address, phone number and email on file for our records once a sale has been made.
Is my personal information transferred to third-parties?
Your personal data will not be transferred to third parties. You will receive relevant e-mails only from Simtek (International) Limited.

How is my personal Data protected against misuse?

We protect our website and our system from unauthorized access through the latest technical and organizational measures available to protect your data from getting manipulated, destroyed or accessed by any unauthorized person. Whenever any personal Data is transferred, we use so phisticated encryption technologies to ensure the strictly confidential transfer of personal data/information such as terms of registration and guarantee.
Our servers employ various security and authorization technologies in order to prevent unauthorized access.
Are my Credit/Debit Card details kept on file?

Simtek (International) Limited does not currently store any financial details (Credit or Debit Card details) and confirms that it has no intention of storing this information in the future.