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The Benefits of Live Data Logging

Few terms define this era of engines quite as well as “superior performance,” but it seems virtually every company is after just that these days. Consumers are as well, continually searching for the next addition that will create something amazing. Often ECU upgrades are the target of those additions, and for good reason. An ECU upgrade can do so much for an engine, particularly when it involves live data logging.

Data logging is the easiest way to fully automate the data gathering process to increase performance. Whether you’re looking for something a bit more, you live in an extreme climate, or you need a map with an added level of customisation, data logging is easily the way to get that done quickly. Data logs also have a practical side. If the vehicle isn’t running smoothly, it can capture the potential problems and help ensure the upgrades change the equation to solve problems like malfunctioning sensors, vacuum leaks, and more.

Most systems come with the ability to log hundreds of parameters, most of which are useful in given situations. With a bit of work, a good shop can diagnose a problem or make an upgrade quickly thanks to the available parameters.

At Simtek, a number of our plugs include data logging in real time, many of which offer up to 8MB of space to help ensure the logs are as complete as possible, creating the ability to truly understand what’s going on with any vehicle.

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