Subaru MY99-00 3 Plug


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Product Description

The Subaru MY99-00 3 plug unit is ideal, no matter what your tuning goals may be. Whether you’re just looking for better driveability or you want serious performance on the track, this unit was made for you.

Why Simtek ECUs?

Imagine this all-too-common scenario. You invest quite a bit of cash and time into getting your tune just right with a re-flashing, but you eventually realise that what you’ve wanted all along goes completely beyond the limits of your factory installed ECU. The result is always the same – second rate performance.

Simtek units, though, offer you much more. If you’re serious about long term results, this is the choice you want to make from the very start. Our standalone units mean real advantages. They integrate the advanced features you want most along with real time data analysis, something that is absolutely invaluable on the road today.

A Few Essential Notes

If you’re considering this unit, there are a few things you’ll want to remember. First, any vehicle utilising this, or any of our other ECUs, do require an air temperature sensor fitting. It’s the only way to get the performance you need most.

Second, this ECU comes on exchange for your old unit. If you don’t send us the old unit in advance, it does result in a £250 core surcharge.

Make Your Decision Now

There are few products available quite like the Simtek Subaru MY99-00 3 plug unit. If you want real performance from your vehicle, it’s time to consider the only company that can actually give it to you – Simtek. Give us a call today to learn more about this ECU and our other products. You simply can’t find better options out there today. Simtek is the best way to go.

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