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As ECUs go, the Mitsubishi Evolution 1-8 is a terrific option whether in the plus version or the pro version. Both of these versions include real time data logging with 8 MB of internal recording, but the Mitsubishi Evolution 1-8 pro version comes with useful anti lag and launch control.

Any good ECU upgrade can data log at a good clip, but we like the Evos 1-8 for being able to automate that process easily. When increasing performance, you want to have access to the full capabilities an ECU provides. That’s why we usually recommend some of the better versions such as this. It’s not an area where it’s typically useful to skimp.

The Evos 1-8 can log a multitude of parameters that make it far easier for you to address a problem you can’t quite pin down, or to get the most out of a new upgrade. We all want to know when a new upgrade is working at peak performance and when there’s more you can get out of it. It could happen if you just had the ability to dive into the data. This is what the Evolution 1-8 is built for: solving the mystery.

The 8 MB space is nice, given that not every ECU upgrade is willing to capture that much information at a time. The limitations of going lower usually aren’t worth it. It’d be like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle by only looking at half the pieces. Doing so isn’t impossible, but it is needlessly frustrating, stressful, and inefficient. The 8 MB space here lets you go wild with your data collection so you can assess the full picture of exactly what’s happening.

Customisation, especially when trying to map in order to compensate for unique climate or environment, needs a breadth and scope of data that the 8 MB helps you collect.

Whichever version you choose, a 3 bar map sensor and air temp sensor fitting is required. It’s nice to work with an ECU upgrade you swear by rather than swear at.

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