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Product Description

Subaru has been using their DBW technology for decades now. A closed loop control system, many vehicles are making it these days, and while it has certain benefits on the road, in motor sports, and can create real issues. Our Subaru MY2008-DBW plug is the ideal way to solve the problem. It offers custom dyno tuning with real time data logging and 8 MB of internal recording space. The pro version also offers anti lag and launch control to help you gain the power you need.

Why DBW?

Many vehicle manufacturers began including DBW for a few reasons. One of the biggest was emissions control. Thanks to this addition, engineers could more closely control every aspect of engine operation. It’s also a solid safety measure. In addition to reasons like those, there are some real benefits for rally and race vehicles too. You can increase the power output at a much lower RPM if you restrict the throttle angle when peak torque is generated, not always at a completely open throttle. It can be further adjusted to give drivers the throttle feel they most prefer, too.

Is This the Right ECU for You?

Not sure if this is ideal for the car you’ve spent so much time and effort on? There are a few ways to decide if this is the perfect ECU to meet your needs. First, know your engine. You need to think about what your engine requires to make sure this is a good choice. DBW can be a real factor as you choose the right ECU to meet your needs. Additionally, you need to understand exactly what your goals are. You likely need speed and reliability when you’re on the track, but if you have additional goals, factor those in as you shop for the right model. If those factors don’t help you narrow things down, give us a call. We’ll help you decide on an ECU to meet your needs.

One Quick Note

If you’re thinking of the MY2008-DBW for your vehicle, it’s important to keep in mind that all vehicles will require an air temperature sensor fitting before it’s installed.
Push button start is not supported will require wiring modifications.
ABS functionality is not supported this ECU is intended for competition use only.

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