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Simtek PRO Standalone ECU


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Product Description

Keeping drivers safe – it’s what car companies do best these days. Thanks to that goal, though, drivers tend to get limited mechanical power in an engine that should have far better capabilities. There is more power in every vehicle, and optimising it just takes the right equipment. The Simtek Pro Standalone ECU is the perfect to fully unlock the capabilities of a vehicle and make it more powerful than ever.

Personalised To Meet Your Needs

Good units like this one mean the ability to make the best possible adjustments to any vehicle. Whether it’s driving style, speeds, or other particulars, this unit allows drivers to better modify an engine to give it the versatility and driving comfort they want most. What’s more, though, is that it can actually be better for an owner to install an option like this, as it can lead to improved engine operation or even improve mileage and economy, a must for those who experience long weekly commutes on a regular basis.

Better Options

This unit includes real time data logging and an 8 MB internal recording to help ensure you’re getting everything you need out of your vehicle. Add Anti Lag and Launch Control to that list, and you have a dominant choice that is ideal to meet your needs. It will run on any four, six, or eight cylinder engine.

No matter which standalone ECU you select, we always supply a basic 1 ft or 2 m universal loom and aluminum case for durability. You will need a 3 bar map sensor and an air temperature sensor fitting to install it properly.

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All versions supplied with basic 1ft or 2m universal loom and Aluminium case.

Current bases map available for the following timing patterns: 36-1, 60-2, 36-2-2-3, 24 crank+1 cam

Will run any 4/6/8 cylinder engine


All vehicles will require a 3 bar map sensor and air temp sensor fitting.

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